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Anti-Yaoi & Anti-Fangirls, for the Glory of the Empire

Because laughing about cartoon buttsex and those that write about it is awesome.

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This is an open community for anyone who dislikes any facet of yaoi and slash, including its fanbase. Yaoi is the idealized portrayal of homosexual men in Japanese comic books and animation. It ends there. I'm not going to go into a lecture: I'll assume that if you're here you know what it is. Here are a few simple rules:

1) Please bring on-topic posts and a thick skin, because you will get into arguments here, and I'm probably not going to do shit about it if someone hurts your feelings.

2) This is not an anti-gay community, so don't make it one. I'm not going to stop anyone from expressing their opinion, be it pro-yaoi or anti-gay, but PLEASE DO NOT BE A FUCKING RETARD about it. "I dislike yaoi because it's against my religion," is perfectly valid, but "I hate yaoi and all women and faggots should die in a fire," makes the internet sad and when the internet is sad it cries and when the internet cries I have to waste my fucking time and log in just to ban you because you're an idiot. Please don't waste my time.

3) Please link directly to this community on your own awesome livejournals and messageboards and wankage blogs or whatever the fuck they call those things rather than be another troll. I'm sure you feel really awesome and clever and #1 when you register and immediately un-register to (a) tell someone they're homophobic (b) post another 1280x1280 yaoi doujin scan (c) comment only to say LOL I POTSED YORU INTRY ON FANDOMWANK U WILL GET WAHTS COMING TO U!!!!!. I don't care if you're a yaoi fan and you come here to argue and disagree, but you'll get a much better and more intelligent responce if you play it cool.

4) THIS IS IMPORTANT. No, we don't, as a whole, think that every yaoi fangirl that ever lived is like ______, so spare yourself the effort of posting and don't try to play the bloodstained martyr at the altar of Japanese cartoons. If you are a yaoi fan that is going to post in defence of yaoi, PLEASE do us a favour and go back and read the last 40 or so community entries. A lot of people post just to talk about how they love yaoi and are yaoi fans but find shota or OOC yaoi bad. There are other communities for this: no offence. Join yaoi_rants or anti_yaoi.

5) Do not edit, screen, delete or lock comments if a flamewar bursts out. We have nothing to hide.

Finally, if you have a really long rant, a chatlog or something similar, please LJ cut it! If you don't know how to use an LJ cut, click the "Help" button on the Livejournal toolbar and go to the FAQ.

Above all, remember: this is livejournal, it's not the end of the world. Lighten up, suck it up, and things won't turn out so bad. I check this community a little less than once a week, so if something really does get out of hand or if I'm not unscreening your comments or something, please contact us and let us know. Your moderators are catwho, saki_g and straya. If you have any problems, try and 'fess up by e-mail instead of commenting in our personal LJs: we appreciate it.

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