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Is yaoi actually harmful?

I've had people not really come up with legitimate defenses of yaoi outside of "the rape in it is a fantasy. fantasies aren't supposed to reflect reality." I think this is bullshit. Rape fantasies and the romanticization of domestic abuse is outright harmful to vulnerable viewers (and most yaoi fangirls are underaged girls).

If you want an example of series with vile messages that are known to corrupt the minds of the fans, look up Das Sporking's series on "Twihard Idiocy", particularly the one on Wardo's backstory. From the same community, check out the Final Thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey, since MANY women have jumped and defended the books as a genuinely good, healthy romance, even though "it's just fantasy".

Saying "it's just fiction!" is not a legitimate defense of a work. It's known beyond a doubt that works of fiction have an influence on people's mind.

PS: People often talk about how gay porn is unrealistic is well. Well... I wholeheartedly disagree. Maybe I've just been lucky enough to only be exposed to the good gay porn, but I've only seen rape porn ONCE, and even then the bottom wasn't screaming and begging for it to stop like 80% of all Ukes. As for straight porn, I don't have as much knowledge on that, but the rape porn tends to get slammed by feminists and male feminist allies, and with good reason. Why is yaoi (and for that matter, hentai) exempt? And even if you say "well regular porn does it too" doesn't make it okay. EL James churns out poorly written, rape apologist trash and makes lots of money off of it. So does that make it okay for other authors/"authors" to do the same thing?

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