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Of all the places to find yaoi...

So this Halloween I watched this really awesome vampire anime called "Shiki," and I loved it. So I did a bit more poking around, looking up pictures and fanposts about some of my favorite characters...

...and I found yaoi. Or at least, slash. Between the show's most visible villain and his mortal enemies.

I honestly don't know if it's the slash (since I do like at least one slash pairing inspired by this story) so much as that I'm just angry that this particular villain was shipped with anyone at all (though the painfully-cute and cliche nature of most of the slashy pics I found certainly didn't help). Because in canon, he's a ruthless, heartless master manipulator who shows genuine affection for only one character in the entire story (and considering she looks like a little girl, that ship can't work for a whole other set of reasons). So as far as I'm concerned, shipping him with just about anyone is OOC to begin with, but there's absolutely no justification for slashing him with his mortal enemies. If you want to slash someone, go watch actual BL; I'm sure there's a vampire-heavy BL story out there somewhere.

For crying out loud--you would think that "Shiki" would be intelligent and obscure enough not to attract such vapid fans with such trite interpretations for the characters, but I guess not!

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