Flitter Bee (naginaoe101) wrote in antiyaoi,
Flitter Bee

Good news from Animeland wasabi

Found out that the yaoi stuff was dropped down to a small group, though they are still there, not as big though, more of the fans of Yaoi seem to be dropping off or maturing a bit. I guess some of the girls are actually maturing, that's a surprise, at least the rapid ones i know of are actually coming to the realization that it isn't okay anymore to jump up and down yelling Yaoi. 

The main yaoi vendor made a mistake and brought in some stuff that even I thought was detestable, sorry, I do cosplay a Nazi, Rip van Winkle from Hellsing, but I don't go around parading that stuff around, I only dress in her suit and tie, not with the symbols proudly displayed. So I think that the vendor is in big trouble with the Anime fans at the moment.

I'm so surprised  that the Yaoi Press's owner has said that she understands why I am not big into yaoi, but still support her as a business. Aside from that, I was impressed...the yaoi fandom in my area is slowing down, how about in yours?

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