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Honestly, some people...

So I was going over one of the stories I'd put on Weepingcock awhile back, when I came across this line in the author's note:

"I do not own Pokemon, if I did the most homosexual character in the series wouldn't be the only one canonly hetero. That's right Ruby I'm talking about you."

So... a little bit of background for those of you not in the know: Ruby is a young boy based on the male PC from the third-generation Pokemon games. He's a Coordinator (who trains pokemon for beauty contests and the like) and generally plays opposite number to his partner, the tomboyish Sapphire (guess who she's based on?) for whom he's expressed romantic interest.

Basically, this person's putting it out there that ALL feminine men and boys are automatically gay (or if they're not, they should be)! WTF?!

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