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Yay. Another community.

Hello all. I'm going to exhaustively introduce myself (do you guys prefer LJ-cuts for stuff?), stick up for some of my double standards*, and give you all something interesting to read. Anyway, my beliefs are as follows:

I despise slash, and especially, yaoi slash fanfiction. Even more so, I despise LotR yaoi slash fanfiction. I am a Tolkien purist. While there very well may have been some gay going on somewhere in middle earth (or may not have-- Tolkien really didn't specify), it just wasn't happening for the whole Fellowship. That means no Sam and Frodo humping. What many fangirls and slash-writers out there don't know is that Frodo and Sam have a good old Victiorian Friendship. So, with that said (it's sort of an introduction), here's the interesting text.

My whole perspective on this stems from the fact that I am one of the most gay friendly people I know. So gay friendly in fact, that while being male myself, I only date men. I also like anime-- no obsession, just like. Isn't that humorous. One should think I would love yaoi, but alas, no. There is one series I actually like**, but not enough to twist me over to liking the whole genre. For example, one thing that particularly frightens me is Shuuichi of Gravitation. He reminds me too much of the more worrisome traits some of my friends and aquaintances (also gay boys) exhibit.

The whole concept that there are people who love the life I live amuses me. On one side, it makes me glad that they'll stick up for me if I'm walking down the street and some buff 30-year-old guy comes out and decides I'm a bit too gay to live. On the other, seeing gay written into every possible crevice absolutely frightens me***. That's why I'm here. I blame someone for posting a link in a chatroom I frequent, so thanks to those who brought me there. I hope this community turns out to be as amusing as the user info. Nice to meet you all :)

Another thing that just hit me as I was about to post this are those annoying yaoi-related LJ icons that follow a prescribed form and always use absolutely tiny fonts. I had to make a few to 'protest' them once. They're in my userinfo if anyone has to know. (:

* A keen eye will notice that I curiously have both yaoi and anti-yaoi in my interests. This involves a whole discourse on identification and being gay that I'm not going to get into, though if you comment on it, I'll be sure to explain it. I'm too lazy to take up a whole extra paragraph in this post.

** FAKE. It's not focused completely on the whole YAOI thing. It's just two cops who happen to also not be straight, as opposed to GAY everywhere. It gives me hope that people can get over sexuality enough to get on with life.

*** Lando Calrissian and Han Solo slash, for instance. And here I thought Star Wars was a safe haven from it all. Apparently not.

Another fucking footnote: Ironically, the chat is named after the girl-on-girl anime equivalent of yaoi, though I'm just there for the people. Which is even more ironic than the word 'Ironically' could convey. Redundancy. YAY!
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